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CC Horizontal Rail Balustrades

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Top Rail 65x35 RHS
Uprights 38x25 RHS
Horizontals 19x19 SHS
Bottom Rail 25x50 RHS

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What is a balustrade?

A balustrade is a repeated set of balusters that support a railing.
A balustrade provides safety on raised areas, balconies and staircases. They also create a defined space and assist in the design of your home.

Things to consider when choosing a balustrade for your home

A balustrade not only needs to provide safety but is also an important design feature of your home. 
Keep your building style in mind when choosing your balustrade to complement your design and leave a lasting impression.

Not all balustrades are created equal

There are a lot of balustrades on the market and some are inferior products. CCBF not only meet the strict Australian standards, but we also use 100% Australian Made steels which have a factory galvanised coating for strength and durability. 

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